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Workshop "Update from the Field: Discussing First Results" in Malawi

On July 3, 2014 refie conducted a workshop with the objective to discuss emerging views from the field with some of the interviewees of the study. The participants of the workshop represented the main levels of the education system, as teachers, head teachers, ministry officials from district and national level and civil society representatives were present. This composition of participants proved to allow multi-perspective and fruitful discussions.

The exchange between the research team and the participants revealed that participants agree to the first findings of the research. Discussions between the participants developed as an exchange between the different levels and their respective experiences within the education system. Some of the major topics of discussion were the availability of funds and the question in what way resource rooms can be used to foster inclusion at schools. All participants stressed that the workshop enriched their views about the current situation of education in Malawi and such an exchange across different levels is necessary for the development of inclusive education in Malawi.

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created on 29-07-2014