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Scientific Advisory Board

The refie scientific advisory board is composed of 14 leading scientists and experts in the field of inclusive education from all over Germany. The scientific advisory board is tasked with providing advice on matters of science, research and international cooperation in order to strengthen the interface between academia, policy and society. 

Cristina Allemann-Ghionda

Prof. Dr Cristina Allemann-Ghionda

Universität zu Köln

» In the education-policy discourse, inclusion is often ideologically overcharged and exploited. This is unfortunate. A thorough, objective and exploratory look beyond the obvious for methods of comparative education research can show that a diversified inclusive education system can counteract the evils of inequality and unfairly distributed educational opportunities better than education systems where inclusion focuses entirely on disability. «

Prof. Dr Cristina Allemann-Ghionda is chair of comparative education and general education science with a focus on intercultural education at the University of Cologne. Previously active in adult education and as a university lecturer in Switzerland. Priorities in teaching and research: comparative studies on selected theoretical and educational policy issues, such as multilingualism; migration and education; intercultural education; diversity; inclusion; all-day school and time policies as well as internationalization of higher education. The aim is, inter alia, the internationalization of the curriculum and the facilitation of intercultural competencies for prospective teachers, pedagogues, doctors and other professional groups.

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German original statement:
» Inklusion wird im bildungspolitischen Diskurs leider oft ideologisch überladen und instrumentalisiert. Ein sorgfältiger, sachlicher, forschender Blick über den Tellerrand nach den Methoden der vergleichenden Erziehungswissenschaft kann zeigen, dass im weitesten Sinne inklusive Bildungssysteme dem Übel der Ungleichheit und der ungerecht verteilten Bildungschancen besser entgegenwirken können als Bildungssysteme, in denen Inklusion ausschließlich das Thema Behinderung / das Gegenteil davon fokussieren. «

Prof Sven Degenhardt

Prof. Dr Sven Degenhardt

Universität Hamburg

Dr Sven Degenhardt is professor of educational science / pedagogy for impairment of vision at the University of Hamburg; Honorary Professorship at two Technical Colleges for Special Education and Ophthalmology in the VR of China. Speaker of the university committee within the German Association for Education for blind and visually impaired people (VBS); Long-standing partnerships with schools and university partners from the PR of China, Taiwan , Spain, USA and Austria.

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Dr Reinald Eichholz

Dr Reinald Eichholz

Member of the Coordination Group 'German National Coalition'

Dr Reinald Eichholz is lawyer and former judge at district and regional courts. Member of the Coordinating Group of the National Coalition Germany in Berlin - a network to implement the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Many years as head of the coordinating body for issues of family policy and as Children's Commissioner, both within the federal state Government of North Rhine - Westphalia. By 2012, member of the German Committee for UNICEF in Cologne. Member of the board of directors for an institution of children's relief (Kindernothilfe) and member of the board of Trustees for the Foundation on Education and Future belonging to the charitable institution “Gemeinnützige Treuhandstelle Bochum”.

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May Evers

May Evers

Plan International Deutschland e.V.

May Evers is expert and speaker for development policy education and advocacy at the registered association “Plan International Germany”. Representation of the association in (inter) national networks and coalitions such as the Global Campaign for Education, as the subject of education, in addition to child protection, is considered to be of utmost priority for the next years by Plan International. Since 2009, coordination of the program "Learn Without Fear", a project for preventing violence at eight schools in Germany. Member of the international coordination team of the project "Strong boys for equal rights", which is carried out in four Latin American countries and in Germany.

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Ilka Hoffmann

Dr Ilka Hoffmann

Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft (GEW)

Dr Ilka Hoffmann is head of the steering committee of the German labour union for the field of education and science (Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft, GEW). Originally teacher in elementary / secondary schools and for special education. Many years of experience in an inclusive so-called “Gemeinschaftsschule” where children with different levels of learning performance are having class together instead of being separated. Former DAAD lecturer for German language and literature at the State. University of Saratov / Russia and Head of the Department of " inclusive education " at the State Institute for Education and Media in Saarbrücken. Research focus: gender , psychoanalytic education, correlations between school structure, participation in education, child poverty, and inclusive education.

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Reinhard Markowetz

Prof. Dr Reinhard Markowetz

Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität München

Dr Reinhard Markowetz is professor, dean and Director of Studies for curative pedagogy and inclusive education at the catholic university of applied sciences in Freiburg i.Br .; as well as full Professor of Special Education at the Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich, holding the chair of pedagogy for mental disabilities and behavioral disorders. Former teacher / educator in schools for people with disabilities or in institutions of youth welfare; Lecturer at universities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Burkina Faso / West Africa. Research focus: inclusion, participation and social integration of people with disabilities, learning difficulties or social disadvantages.

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Christiane Noe

Dr Christiane Noe

CBM International

» Cooperation between research and practice in inclusive education: for me, this means that scientific research is rooted in reality, and research results are transferred effectively into practice. New knowledge about practical applications for inclusive education can change the lives of many children by influencing the relevant socio-political conditions, as well as the operational framework and action skills in practice. «

Dr Christiane Noe is research manager in the international umbrella organization of the Christian Blind Mission (CBM), responsible for the area of application-oriented research. Studies of geography, chemistry and education at the University of Heidelberg; PhD on "Social networks and health". Involvement in various research projects as representative of CBM International, inter alia in a project in India which aims to evaluate the impact of inclusive education systems on the personal, social and educational well-being of disabled and non - disabled children.

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German original statement:
» Zusammenarbeit von Forschung und Praxis in der Inklusiven Bildung: Für mich bedeutet das, dass wissenschaftliche Forschung immer einen Anwendungsbezug hat und es gilt, Forschungsergebnisse effektiv in die Praxis zu transferieren. Neues, anwendungsorientiertes Wissen um inklusive Bildung kann das Leben vieler Kinder verändern, indem es die entsprechenden sozio-politischen Rahmenbedingungen wie auch den Handlungsrahmen und die Handlungskompetenzen in der Praxis beeinflusst. «

Dinah Radtke

Dinah Radtke

Interessenvertretung Selbstbestimmt Leben in Deutschland e.V." (ISL)

» Cooperation between research and practice in inclusive education: for me, it means the foothold for the pedagogy of diversity, to embrace all students – with and without disabilities. «

Dinah Radtke is speaker and representative for international affairs at the German incorporated umbrella organization on advocacy for independent living (Interessensvertretung Selbstbestimmt Leben in Deutschland, ISL eV). Long-standing involvement in the movement for the rights and interests of disabled people at national and international level. Member of the World Council of "Disabled Peoples’ International”. Collaboration in the context of the New York Ad Hoc Committee of the United Nations for the elaboration of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

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German original statement:
» Zusammenarbeit von Forschung und Praxis in der inklusiven Bildung:  für mich bedeutet das die Verankerung der Pädagogik der Vielfalt, die allen SchülerInnen - mit und ohne Behinderung - gerecht wird. «

Matthias von Saldern

Prof. Dr Matthias von Saldern

MvS Beratung UG

» Cooperation between research and practice in inclusive education: for me, this means paving a good, well advised path towards customised solutions. «

Dr Matthias von Saldern is managing partner of the consulting firm MvS UG ltd. Studies of Educational Science and Modern History with PhD at the university of Landau. Several years of employment in the Federal Ministry of Education of Rhineland-Palatinate. Special focus on the transfer of knowledge into the school practice. Several stays abroad in Malawi and Jordan in the context of development cooperation. Member of the expert committee on Education within the German UNESCO Commission. Lectures and consultancy on organizational development for educational establishments.

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German original statement:
» Zusammenarbeit von Forschung und Praxis in der Inklusiven Bildung: Für mich bedeutet das, den richtigen Weg zu maßgeschneiderten Lösungen zu ermöglichen. «

Hans-Peter Schmidtke

Prof. Dr Hans-Peter Schmidtke

Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg

Dr Hans-Peter Schmidtke is professor emeritus of the University of Oldenburg. Former Head of the Department for Intercultural Education at the universities’ Center for Migration, Education and Cultural Studies (CMC). Teaching assignments on diversity education at universities in Spain and Argentina. For 20 years, collaboration and commitment with the Universidad San Carlos in Guatemala in the field of intercultural and special education, including teacher exchange programs and other joint research projects. Contributions to the design of the Intercultural Education policy of the Council of Europe. Since 2012, involved as an expert in the layout of the basic and advanced vocational training curriculum of the Department of Special Education within the Ministry of Education in Guatemala.

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Dorothea Schönfeld

Dorothea Schönfeld

Kindernothilfe e.V.

» Cooperation between research and practice in inclusive education: for me, this means that we do not act prematurely, but carefully consider what action really make sense for increasing the educational opportunities of excluded children. This research can provide significant food for thought, which we also should consider in the planning and implementation of inclusive projects in non-governmental development cooperation. «

Dorothea Schönfeld is speaker of the association of Children's relief “Kindernothilfe”, committed in 29 countries in favour of the implementation of children's rights. Responsible for lobbying and campaigning work on the topic of (inclusive) education and for the representation of the “Kindernothilfe” in civil society networks. Studies of philosophy, history and theology with specialization in development policy. Graduate of the International Master Program on "Human Rights and Democratization ". Active member of various organizations of the civil society.

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German original statement:
»Zusammenarbeit von Forschung und Praxis in der Inklusiven Bildung: Für mich bedeutet das, „dass wir nicht vorschnell handeln, sondern gründlich überlegen, welche Maßnahmen wirklich sinnvoll sind, um die Bildungschancen von ausgeschlossenen Kindern zu erhöhen. Die Forschung kann wichtige Denkanstöße geben, die wir auch in der nicht-staatlichen Entwicklungszusammenarbeit bei der Planung und Umsetzung von inklusiven Projekten berücksichtigen sollten.«

Joachim Schroeder

Prof. Dr Joachim Schroeder

Universität Hamburg

» Cooperation between research and practice in inclusive education: for me, this raises a claim to reflect on international development cooperation in its tendencies towards hegemony in educational policy and pedagogical issues. It is about defending positions that demand the historical placement of education policy, the social setting of educational institutions, and cultural contextualisation of educational opportunities. «

Dr Joachim Schroeder is professor of educational science with focus on education for learning disabilities and inclusive education. Doctorate on the responses from schools to immigration and impoverishment. Research on social and participatory issues conducted on behalf of and in different cities and regions. Graduation on reforms of the educational systems in Latin America. Since 20 years, activities in the field of development cooperation, e.g. as an expert / change agent for curriculum, teacher training and organizational development projects in Peru, Bolivia, Kosovo and Malawi. Participation in a project to implement the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) in Isfahan (Iran) in cooperation with the local university and the German DAAD. Management of learning partnerships for basic education, vocational education and inclusion as well as of university partnerships within the framework of EU funding programs.

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German original statement:
»Zusammenarbeit von Forschung und Praxis in der Inklusiven Bildung: Für mich beinhaltet das den Anspruch, die internationale Entwicklungszusammenarbeit in ihren Tendenzen zur bildungspolitischen und pädagogischen Hegemonie zu reflektieren und Positionen zu verteidigen, die die geschichtliche Verortung der Bildungspolitik, die soziale Situierung der Bildungsinstitutionen und die kulturelle Kontextualisierung der Bildungsangebote fordern.«

Susanne Schwalgin

Dr Susanne Schwalgin

Bundesvereinigung Lebenshilfe

Dr Susanne Schwalgin is speaker and researcher in the field of international migration at the German Life Support Confederation (Bundesvereinigung Lebenshilfe) in Berlin. Within the Confederation, responsible for the establishment of a nation-wide advisory and coordinating body on disability and migration. Contact person for the different international affiliates and model projects of the confederation, such as a training designed for self-representatives of handicapped people in the Czech Republic, relating to the contents of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). Doctorate in social anthropology; several years of research at universities and other institutions on migration issues and on inclusive education in an immigration society. On behalf of the Foundation “Brandenburger Tor”, management of a project for networking between schools, parents with a migration background and Muslim communities.

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Gabriele Weigt

Gabriele Weigt

INID/bezev e.V.

Gabriele Weigt is managing director of the Association for Disability and Development Cooperation (bezev) and of an Institute for Inclusive Development. Studies of special education and curative pedagogy. For more than 25 years, commitment and professional activities in the field of disability and international development. Editor of the magazine "Disability and International Development". Lecturer at several universities of applied sciences. Focus on inclusion and development, especially inclusive education. Participation in the elaboration of inclusive education programs and teaching materials at national and international level.

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